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I'm a producer/stylist working with photographer Tony Giammarino, who also happens to be my husband. We shoot for architects, designers and national design publications. I hope the homes & gardens featured will provide new and fresh ideas for your home decorating challenges. Mona

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garden shed with Style

 At first glance you would think it is a child's playhouse or perhaps a  guest house...think again. Designer Janice Hall has created this charming shed with a lime green door and pale blue shutters. To the left is a fitted electric fireplace with mounted sconces .  This is a year round hang out...

See more of Janice's design style at  www.tada-studio.com


  1. Oh I love it! It's so Anne of Green Gables.

    What a gorgeous blog, Mona. I love your background colour: I'm so into lilac. Does this match your door? ; )

    Will spread the word. Welcome aboard the Blog Train! Best of luck with it. Watch out: blogging is highly addictive, but I believe it's good for your health. xox

  2. Thanks Jill! Yes, our front door and shutters are this shade of lilac. And our front garden is lush and beautiful this week. The rhododendrums, whisteria, tulips are gorgeous and the roses are about to pop open any day. wish you were here!